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The Coronado Community Church

Socially, politically, and theologically diverse, yet one in the body of Christ.

Socially, politically, and theologically diverse, yet one in the body of Christ.

Loving God, loving neighbors, and offering compassion to a world in need.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Coronado Community Church was founded in 1996 as an independent faith community offering a non-denominational Christian presence in Coronado. The Coronado Community Church is an Open and Affirming congregation that draws on a rich variety of worship traditions on Sunday mornings, blending traditional and contemporary music and borrowing liturgy from many denominations.

Our Church

Our Pastor

Pastor Eric joins the Coronado Community Church after a 40 year career in the United Methodist Church; most recently as Pastor of St. Andrews’s by-the-sea in San Clemente.

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A warm-hearted gathering of God’s people!

The Coronado Community Church is a gathering of God’s people with open hearts and open minds.  We are a community of believers, doubters, and seekers of all ages, from many places. We are socially, politically, and theologically diverse, yet we are one in the Body of Christ.

Our faith is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition of personal transformation and social justice. We are 21st century followers of the way of Jesus Christ: loving God, loving neighbors, and offering compassion to a world in need.

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Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

The Coronado Community Church Sunday live services have resumed at the Coronado Unified School District Boardroom. Out of an abundance for caution, regarding the COVID-19 danger of groups meeting in close proximity, the The Coronado Community Church requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination, social distancing and wearing of facemasks during our live services. If you are unable to be there in person but would like to participate via Zoom live stream: CLICK HERE

Sunday Worship
The Coronado Community Church (8)

What We Believe

What We Believe

God is With Us…We believe in God. We are the 21st century installment of Judeo-Christian heritage. We believe in Jesus, and we follow him. We believe that biblical faith requires welcoming all…those who are known to us and those who are not. We believe that warm hearts are characteristic of God’s people, and that’s who we want to be. We believe that God embraces everyone, so we do that, too.


We believe God speaks in many languages and has revealed divine truth in the major religious traditions of the human race. Our central belief is that Jesus Christ is Lord. But in proclaiming that Jesus is the way and the truth does not preclude that his way may also be manifest in religions that do not worship him as Lord. We believe there is a mystery of how God works in our traditions exceeding our knowledge and control. We celebrate the revelation of God presented in the Holy Bible and trust God’s Spirit to unlock how we are to understand divine truth and apply it to our lives.



Returning to Live in-person worship this Sunday!

We’re glad to announce that in-person worships are back.


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Blessed Life

When we look at the specific things that we’re pretty sure Jesus actually said – like we will for these next couple of weeks – we’ll take care to make sure we get what he was talking about.

But My Uncle Told Me

Today begins the church season of Advent. It means "coming" or "arrival." The entire season focuses on the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his repeating Advents.

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