A Worshipping Community

“I watched the service on Zoom from my house, but after a few weeks knew I would have to attend in person. I felt a bit disconnected, as though something was happening here at the Community Church that the Internet in all its glory just couldn’t transmit in full. I was a little nervous the first day, but when Eric greeted me at the door and told me I was welcome to attend, I knew immediately he meant it. I sat a bit off to the side, but was greeted by a lot of people and felt very much at home.

I guess that’s the reason I love coming every Sunday to worship here at the CCC – the ever-expanding sense of home I feel. I have spent a lot of time in my life at different churches but never have I felt so welcome as I do here. My spirit has found a home here. There’s never a week that goes by that the music here hasn’t lifted my soul and sometimes brought a tear to my eye.

My restless soul has found a home in the prayers and the readings but especially in the sermons that Eric brings for us to listen to and reflect on. He has the uncanny ability to incorporate the Gospel message using stories and ideas from everyday people all the way to the brightest intellects, but always with a sense of humor and a healthy dose of compassion. He shepherds us, without us necessarily feeling as though we’re being led. He always seems to be able to speak directly to me, and you, even though the message is universal.”

–Paul Fournier

“Coronado Community Church in it’s humble abode is a sanctuary of faith, love, and acceptance. Within its walls, I have found a community that embraced and welcomed me and my family. It is a place where we come together to celebrate our shared values and beliefs. This church encourages a sense of unity and belonging that is truly exceptional. The music, melodies, and harmonies that fill the sanctuary every Sunday with such beautiful voices create an atmosphere of joy and reverence, making each visit a truly uplifting experience.

This church has been a source of spiritual growth and guidance for me and my family. Through the teachings and sermons delivered by out very own Pastor Eric, I have gained a deeper understanding of my faith and its application within my daily life.

The messages that Pastor Eric brings to us weekly about compassion, forgiveness, and hope have inspired me to become a better person and to extend a helping hand to those in need. He’s even helped me to let go of material things, because that’s what they are, (just things…).

Coronado Community Church holds a special place in my heart because it is more than just a building; it is a beacon of hope, love, and faith. It has provided me with spiritual nourishment, a sense of belonging, and a platform to make a positive impact on the world around me.

Through its teachings, and unwavering support, our Community Church has had a profound impact on our lives. It is a place where I have found purpose, connection, and a deeper understanding of my faith.”

–Sarah Morga