On your first visit to the CCC you can expect a variety of experiences. You will enter a non-traditional setting for worship which may prepare you to worship God in a new way. You will be greeted by friendly members who have grown in the Christian faith over many years and likely through numerous struggles. They will look to welcome you and find ways to make your time in the CCC a productive and spiritually enriching one. If you desire to get more involved, opportunities will be suggested for a visitor to consider. Study opportunities, mission needs (like our new free health care clinic in National City) or fellowship groups are venues to be considered.

If a person decides the time is right, he/she can formally unite with the CCC, being recognized at a service of worship as a new member of the church family. Detailed questions of adherence to a catechism or set of beliefs are not required for membership, only a desire to “follow the way of Jesus.” This avoids the pitfalls of some churches which expect all members to agree with a set of statements, or understandings about Jesus. We trust that in diversity, the love of God can be discovered which will draw us from our preconceptions of what God is doing in the world. In fact, the two questions asked of any new members are these:

“Do you intend to follow the way of Jesus in your life?” and “Do you wish to be a member of the Coronado Community Church?”

An affirmative answer to these questions means that a person wishes to discover a new dimension to life through participation in worship, and other activities that will deepen his/her relationships with God and other people, and lead to a discovery of our spiritual gifts. The question always hovers in the background: What does God want me to accomplish in my life to God’s glory, and how can the community of believers enhance that quest? The flip-side is also true: What can I bring to my church family to deepen its faithfulness to Jesus? Each member has unique experiences and insights that are part of the rich tapestry of how God is unfolding his purpose on earth.