Our worship on Sunday morning brings our dispersed church family together to praise God’s name, to lift up prayers of thanksgiving and intercession, to sing songs of our faith, and to listen for God’s word. This happens through a sermon devoted to raising our consciousness and sensitivity to God’s presence and searching how the Spirit is directing our paths as Jesus’ disciples today. Our choir presents musical selections from Bach to modern composers who challenge us to “sing a new song unto the Lord.”

The CCC is not housed in a facility that is called a church. Instead, we worship each week at the Coronado Unified School District Boardroom. This makes clear that the church is not a building, but a community of Christian believers. After Sunday service, the church is dispersed to serve Jesus’ mission in the world through acts of compassion and witness to the deeper meaning of life, and the claims of God on our time. Each member is ultimately accountable to his/her conscience following the time-honored Protestant principle which states that God alone is lord of each person’s conscience.

Our members therefore do not hold uniform beliefs on theology or anything else for that matter. Getting to know us will reveal that there is a wide spectrum of understanding the Holy Scriptures, as well as political, economic or social views. We do not believe that all of us have to march to the beat of the same drummer to be obedient servants of Jesus.

Our mission is enhanced by not having to fund the purchase and upkeep of buildings. Many of our programs and activities take place in the homes of our members. Special services on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday are usually held in a members’ home accompanied by a meal. The funds that would otherwise go to service a mortgage or maintenance are released to further our mission enterprises.

Our church worships each Sunday, 10 a.m. in the Coronado Unified School District Boardroom at 201 6th St, Coronado.  For more information call 619-437-6827