Sermons Titles and Scriptures

Sermons Titles and Scriptures

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Karma Baby

July 3, 2022|

We’re talking about Karma today, all of us have some relationship with the concept, although we may not understand it in the same way.

All in the Family

June 5, 2022|

Let’s begin with reflection. When we have a birthday we’ll often reflect on our lives. Today is Pentecost… affectionately known as the birthday of the church.

Jesus is Flying

May 29, 2022|

Some of you know my sister, Kelly. She lives in New Zealand. She is married to Neal, who is a Kiwi. Neal is an engineer specializing in water projects. He spent many years working for Team New Zealand.

The Fullness of Faith

May 15, 2022|

During the summer after my freshman year of college I toured with a gospel music group called the Continental Singers. They were fashioned after Up With People, which may be a more familiar name.

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